April 25, 2022

Virtual Escape Room Singapore: The Ultimate Beginner's Guide in 2022

Virtual Escape Room Singapore
Virtual Escape Room Singapore

Virtual Escape Room Singapore

The term "escape room" originally referred to a physical escape room, but it is now used to describe virtual experiences that challenge players to find clues and solve problems in order to flee from a space. If you've never played one before, it might be difficult to understand how they operate or where to begin. This guide will walk you through everything you need to know about FunEmpire's Virtual Escape Room Singapore, so that you can play your first game today!

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Benefits of Virtual Escape Room

1. Boosts Employee Morale

Team bonding activities are a wonderful method for employees to stay on top of their tasks. Virtual escape rooms that integrate both chance and skill give workers the opportunity to express themselves in an exciting way while also boosting team morale and performance.

2. Encourages Collaboration Among Employees

Virtual escape room game encourages employees to interact and collaborate. It piques people's interest in one another. It also allows resources to discover one another's abilities, allowing them to work together and execute tasks correctly as a result of their skill sets, saving time and effort.

3. Innovation Management Is Supported

For businesses to have a competitive advantage, they must be innovative. Virtual Escape Room Experience is a technique of bringing people together under one roof, encouraging creativity, and generating ideas. Every idea has the potential to lead to a breakthrough for an organization when people with diverse backgrounds are involved.

4. Strengthen The Good Work Culture

Nothing beats the fun of group bonding with a series of puzzles. Virtual escape room's ability to bring people together can't be overstated. Virtual escape rooms are made for one goal alone: to be shared, appreciated, and played with by everyone on your team who has a common objective. Employees can learn about one another's skills, shortcomings, work ethics, goals, and interests while playing Virtual Escape Room!

5. Develop a Variety of Relationships

The greatest business culture, on the other hand, takes advantage of time zones and utilizes them, embraces diversity (both cultural and gender), and promotes it. Virtual team-building exercises, as a result, help businesses create genuine partnerships and connections among geographically dispersed teams while also fostering cross-generational contact. It allows virtual teams to work together regardless of distance by using technology.


Our Virtual Escape Rooms are conducted via video conferencing platforms like Zoom, WebEx, and others! Our expert facilitators will lead you and your team through the entire experience.


Throughout the Virtual Escape Room, you may contact your facilitators at any time. You may always seek assistance and our facilitators will come to your virtual room to assist you if you or your team are stumped on a riddle for too long or suffer from technological difficulties.

Participants Count

All you need is two people to begin a Virtual Escape Room session! The number of participants in our Virtual Escape Room is not limited. We'll split you into teams based on your size for the fun of it.


The length of each Virtual Escape Room is 1.5 hours, with gameplay, a fast overview at the start and a comprehensive debriefing at the conclusion. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any special requirements for how long it should last!


When playing our Virtual Escape Room, you may select from a number of themes. You can track werewolves, lift ancient hexes, travel back in time, and a variety of other things!

Top 6 Virtual Escape Rooms in Singapore

1. Virtual Food Quest

Virtual Food Quest - Virtual Escape Room Singapore

Take on a range of challenges in teams, using imagination and communication skills while vying to be the best foodie! Virtual Food Quest from FunEmpire is a unique experience that will provide you and your friends with much delight.

2. Virtual Squid Escape Game

Virtual Squid Escape Game - Virtual Escape Room Singapore

The world's first and only Virtual Squid Escape Experience can now be yours on FunEmpire! Virtual Squid Escape is a fantastic method to enhance team spirit, provide morale boosts, and foster strong team bonding in your company!

3. Virtual Travel Experience

Virtual Travel Experience - Virtual Escape Room Singapore

You'll get to experience a lifetime adventure while discovering Singapore with 360-degree live clues, Virtual Escape Room, and Virtual Amazing Race. Communication, strategy, and collaboration are required when competing against other remote teams.

4. Virtual Amazing Race

Virtual Amazing Race - Virtual Escape Room Singapore

The Virtual Amazing Race is a virtual game in which you can travel to unique places from the comfort of your own home. This escape room will test your problem-solving abilities, critical thinking, and collaboration, making it one of the most effective business training tools!

5. Virtual Time Travel

Virtual Time Travel - Virtual Escape Room Singapore

Treasure chests (which you'll use an hourglass to activate) that move you between time zones must be sought. Solve little problems to complete all of your objectives in a set amount of time while bonding with your teammates! This is an online escape game Singapore for adults that is both difficult and entertaining.

6. Curse of the Werewolf

Curse of the Werewolf - Virtual Escape Room Singapore

Working together on a dark fictional scenario may be a fantastic approach to bring your virtual workers together. Players assume the position of village chief's descendants in this online escape room and must break the curse upon their community. They'll need to work as a team and communicate effectively in order to outsmart the clock and discover a method to break the enchantment.

Virtual Escape Room Singapore

Virtual escape rooms Singapore are a fantastic way to bring teams together and foster communication. Whether you're looking for an escape room virtual reality experience or something with a little more theme, FunEmpire has the perfect virtual escape room for you! With our wide variety of themes, you're sure to find one that will excite and engage your team.

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